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Removing Adhesions

Monday, July 28, 2008 1 comments

Many people have asked me if the adhesions in my pelvis can be removed with surgery. Adhesions can be removed; however, there is always a risk that new adhesions will form. This was the case with me.

"Even the best surgeons with the most meticulous surgical technique cannot eliminate the formation of adhesions. However, a number of steps can be taken to reduce the chances of adhesion development which include: handling tissue gently, keeping tissue moist, avoiding dry or linting sponges, using powderless gloves, meticulously controlling bleeding, judicious use of cautery, using fine non-reactive sutures and use of adhesions barriers.

Unfortunately much ignorance prevails and many well-meaning health professionals do not appreciate adhesions and the problems they cause. Consequently, patients go undiagnosed of misdiagnosed as having nervous or psychological problems or irritable bowel syndrome. Many surgeons are, understandably, reluctant to cut the adhesions and do the risky procedure. Other doctors are reluctant to provide adequate pain relief for the fear that the patient may become an addict. But seeing a pain management doctor can help."

To learn more, visit http://www.adhesionsfoundation.org/lv2/aboutadhesions.htm#minimizing
You can also view photos of actual adhesions on this site.

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